Self Teaching self challenge


My problems with heads

I’ve probably made more than one hundred head scketches during the last few weeks.

It still lack proportion, good placement and proper structure.

My rendering is a joke but good rendering isn’t my goal now.

Learning how to draw. Some advice from someone still struggling

This blog is not very serious.

Therefore, do not take any advice seriously.

Tip 1: Find your time for practice. Stop dreaming about being an artist and start practicing. Think about when you are going to practice. Find that moment of the day in which you are going to practice. Make drawing a daily habit. 20 days after starting, you will not know what to do at that time of the day, except draw.

Tip 2: Be prepared. Find a place to store your material (pencils, pens, paper, sketchbook …) and references. It must be an easily accessible place: the top drawer of your desk, the nearest shelf in the library, right there …

Tip 3: Take time to look for references, tutorials, art books, blogs … Many people on the Internet have been looking for this type of content and published useful links. You can find some in this blog.

Tip 4: Set simple goals. For example: make straight lines. Spend two, three or five days working with this simple goal in mind. Set another simple goal. Repeat.