Some work

Structure and proportions.




Way beyond my talent. Big mistakes with proportions and general placement. His arm is out of place. I have erased her hand. I don’t know how to simplify hands in such small drawings. Fabrics!. Rendering one hundred shades of gray!

Disgraceful ear.

I really don’t know if you, folks, find interesting or useful this blog.
It’s only the record of my learning path. Can really an old fart like me learn how to draw?
I’m sorry. I can’t teach you how to draw because I myself don’t know how to do it. I don’t think that I can give you good advise in how to practice or what’s the better order to adress things. My learning curve is not steped enough to make my process an example for others.

Anyway, I decided to not only post my exercises, but to explain what I’m doing and why.

I’ve been working 6 months on heads an faces. Proportion, placement, perspective, first the general array and then the different features (lips, eyes, noses, ears..).

I’m far for being satisfaied. I have to work a lot in the features, mostly eyes and in light and shadow over the face.

I promise to explain something more about my exercises and not only to post a pic.

disgraceful ear