Some gesture


What I have learned learning how to draw.

Three years.

When someone thinks about starting to learn something that is going to take him three, five years, or a lifetime, it could be discouraging. You suck and are going to suck for years.

Probably you dream about being a good artist or about being fluent in a second lenguage. Dreams are going to take you nowhere. Forget all this positive pseudosicology so in vogue nowadays.

Be prepared for hard work. Be prepared for sure frustration. If you don’t know what frustration means I bet you will.

You will need time and instruction. It could be self learnig (like in my case) but you will need to find good instruction anyway.

So, there we go, some pieces of advise:

-Find your time. Your daily time. Don´t fustigate yourself if one day or another don’t do practice, but you need to build a daily routine. The good news are that you only have to focus in that for a few weeks. It will come a moment in which you wont need to make an effort to go to your “place” and work for a few hours.

-Get everything ready. Your materials, your reference, your art books, your computer, anything you’ll need. Don’t loose your precious time looking for your scketchbook or your pencils, keep them at sight and accesible, it will draw you to acction quikly.

-Don´t get mad about materials. When you start learnig you only need a drawing surface, a soft pencil (the softer you can get) and fotocopy paper.

-Do meaningful practice. Face it, you can’t do a straight line. First, you need to learn how to do it and then practice and practice again until it comes to you naturally. Don’t try shortcuts (because there are not shortcuts), you need to start with the basics and master it. Repeat once time and another something wrong won´t lead you to make it right.

-Relax yourself. Have you seen a crafman doing his job?. They look always relaxed. Don’t tackle your practice whith anxiety and tension. Don’t spect anything and surprise yoursef with the results of your work.

-Be critic with your work. Until you are as good as Ingres you will suck. Don’t be proud of the results, be proud of your path, your hard work and your improvement.

-Enjoy the learnig process. Enjoy the “aja!” moments. Set concrete targets that you can reach in a few weeks throught intensive practice. Forget about general and inespecific objetives like “be good at portraits”

Please, forgive my bad English. I’m learning!