Learning something about brushes, first.

Faber Castell 8B Graphite Aquarelle and Sakura brush on 400 Series Strathmore Toned Gray (Medium grain).


And now piano lessons…

This blog is about learning difficult things. Learning when you are not young, with limited time and self teaching.

Can I really learn how to draw? I don’t know. It all started more than three years ago. I thought that I wouln’t look like a begginer by now. So, I wonder if I can’t get better or there is a kind of limit for me. Is art somethig for arty people or everyone can learn?. Is all this an stupid waste of time, a desesperate try by a guy in his middle age crisis?

I draw and redraw faces, heads, figures…I don’t feel like I’m improving. I see the same mistakes: disproportion, wrong placement (the eyes are to big or to small), wrong values…
Should I study more, practice more, practice different?

Sometimes I feel beyond frustration, really depressed. An absence of meanig that hurts in my guts.

And the news are that I’m learnig piano too.